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[OCLUG-Tech] RE: [oclug] dhcp grief

I would talk to your provider and out the IP change.  I've had the same
dynamic IP for the past 8 months.  Check to see if you are sending a renew
IP request to the DHCP server.  I would also check to see if you are
experiencing packet loss or errors.  The DHCP server may be seeing you as a
problem system.

I know of one fellow who had a problem similar to yours and he complained to
Sympatico and they fixed his constantly changing IP address.

It may also be that they do not have enough IP "real" IP addresses available
for your subnet and have to take away your IP address and probably others to
service new requests.  Don't you just love DHCP.  Doesn't it stand for Don't
Hold Connections Permanently?

I have some kids at home and also in the area who play these Internet games
and when those wonderful little darlings get on, my connection speed hovers
between 0 and a 14KB modem. This may be another area to look at to look at
to solve your problem.


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Well I thought I had isolated my troubles. But no such luck.  I wrote a
script to track my IP, when things were bad the IP was changing every 10
minutes (the time of the cron job).  After trying to tweek dhcp and  the
pppoe configurations on my SuSE 9.0 machine I gave up and switched to the
linksys BEFR41 router and WOW things were fast for a day.  Now since it's
weekend its crap again.

I have 50 messages queued up and my IP changes after downloading 4 messages
then things hang.  Forget loading a web page the IP changes before it loads.

This fits in with the earlier observation of being able to ping a site but
load the page.

Still have trouble explaining why the trouble seems to happen on
Fridays-Sunday or when someone wants to look something up.

Friends still on dial up claim to have faster downloads.  A test downloading
firefox put me in line with a 33.6.

The online DSL speed tests say things are OK, but after hitting the back
button it reports I have a T3.

Could a dhcp server be like a kettle, neither work when watched?

PS: CJOH tech feature at 6 will have a bit on old computers
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