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[OCLUG-Tech] Re: [oclug] dhcp grief

On Sun, Mar 06, 2005 at 12:29:46PM -0500, Frank Stratton - VE3YY wrote:

> Check to see if you are sending a renew IP request to the
> DHCP server.

The best client I've found is the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC)
DHCP client.  It's got plenty of script-programmable hooks, remains
running for the life of the interface, and follows the protocol
very tightly.

> I know of one fellow who had a problem similar to yours and he
> complained to Sympatico and they fixed his constantly changing IP
> address.

But Sympatico is PPPoE, not DHCP.  My parents use it, I run their
network, and they use PPPoE.  Sympatico's been that way for years.

> It may also be that they do not have enough IP "real" IP addresses
> available for your subnet and have to take away your IP address and
> probably others to service new requests.

This would be a *very very broken* DHCP server.  You *cannot* give out
a DHCP address if you've previously negotiated a lease for it with
someone else that is still in effect.  They're expected to renew their
lease well before it expires.

> Don't you just love DHCP.  Doesn't it stand for Don't Hold
> Connections Permanently?

I'm assuming this is rhetorical humour (because it doesn't). :)

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