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Re: [SIGS-L3GO] Some git stuff

On 16/05/10, Alex Pilon wrote:
> Note that for the last three, you can also do stuff like this:
>     git graph -SWiFi --author Alex Pilon --word-diff --word-diff-regex='\S' -w -- .profile.d

Ok, so I just tried looking for all patches that affected a particular
function, and came up with no suitable search method.  The -S option only
searches for patches that add or remove that symbol.  The --all-match option
only searches for patches that mention that pattern in the --author, --commiter or
--grep for the log message.  I'm left with limiting to a path and then grepping
the output for that function name and manually sorting through the output.  git
blame can be more effective here, but again, need to manually sort through the
output and iteratively git blame through commits mentioned in a function and
that is limited by missing commits that remove lines.  Are you familiar with
any search options that let me set a search pattern for any match in the commit
patch rather than just symbol addition or removal?

> Yeah, that's a mouthful. Use a shell with decent auto-completion, and
> have coworkers constantly throwing code your way that *warrants* this.
> It only takes <2 seconds to type anyway, which is far less than it would
> take for you to do in a GUI.

Less than 2 seconds to type if you type at 420 words per minute and you
actually use those options often enough that you know what they do and how they
are spelled.

I think we all agreed at the table that if you use something often enough, it
can be far more efficient to use a text-based tool, but for something that is
used infrequently, it is more efficient to use the gui simply due to the
overhead of reading and understanding the manpage.

> Alex Pilon

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