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Re: SPF hard pass for Ian

I’ve received/seen the emails from Dianne, James and Tug this morning, and also the one from Ian yesterday. Can someone please confirm that they received/read mine?

I too cannot locate the OCLUG’s privacy policy.

From: Dianne Skoll <dianne [ at ] skoll [ dot ] ca>
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2023 8:35:36 AM
To: linux [ at ] linux-ottawa [ dot ] org <linux [ at ] linux-ottawa [ dot ] org>
Subject: Re: [linux] SPF hard pass for Ian

Attention : courriel externe | external email

On Mon, 23 Jan 2023 19:50:46 -0500
Ian <imacwill [ at ] teksavvy [ dot ] com> wrote:

> Does anyone at OCLUG get my emails?

Yep.  And I recevied an SPF "pass", not a fail:

Received-SPF: pass (dianne.skoll.ca: domain of linux+bounces-7194-dianne=skoll [ dot ] ca [ at ] linux-ottawa [ dot ] org
        designates as permitted sender)
        receiver=dianne.skoll.ca; client-ip=;
        envelope-from=<linux+bounces-7194-dianne=skoll [ dot ] ca [ at ] linux-ottawa [ dot ] org>; helo=mail.linux-ottawa.org;

That's because the mailing list handles things correctly and rewrites the
sender envelope address.

The *forward* from <secretary [ at ] linux-ottawa [ dot ] org> to Tug's Gmail address
does *not* appear to do this.  To OCLUG admins... this is a serious problem
and will break forwarding for a lot of people.  You need to implement SRS
for forwarded email, or (since Tug checks the local mailbox anyway)
disable the forwarding to avoid annoying bounces.

A hack you could use would be to make secretary [ at ] linux-ottawa [ dot ] org be a
mailing list with only one recipient, and then let the mailing list do
the rewriting.  Ordinary forwards like we used to use in the 1990s have
been broken for a couple of decades now.



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