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RE: Issue with "corrupted disk"?

Hey Charles.


I don’t know about the error you’re seeing, but I’m suspicious that you had the same issue with 2 different disks in a row.  Are the other 5 disks from the array still connected?  If so, try removing them.  You may have found a “too many drives” bug in your new system.

Also, if your old system is available, you could try to recover the drives in there (ie, roll back the upgrade).  At least you’d have a stable system to work from.

Andrew Howell


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I already tried connecting the corrupted drive to another port. It doesn't change a thing. After ruining 2 drives with this port, I am avoiding it.

When I tried "sudo hdparm -Np11721045168 --yes-i-know-what-i-am-doing /dev/sda", it was already connected to another port.





Le jeu. 12 mai 2022, à 16 h 42, James <bjlockie [ at ] lockie [ dot ] ca <mailto:bjlockie [ at ] lockie [ dot ] ca> > a écrit :

I have no idea if that could be the cause but try the bad disks in different sata ports. 



Charles Nadeau Ph.D.


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