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anyone still looking for really nice co-working space?

  i have no financial stake in this, just pointing out that if anyone
is still looking for an office away from home, i've been a member at
https://www.coworkly.ca/ at the vanier location since the beginning (i
was actually member #2), and i am totally satisfied.

  given not enough room for both me and my partner to work at home in
our condo, and my current contract employer still unsure as to when
the kanata location will open up again, having access to a 24/7
private office a moderate walk from home is the perfect solution.

  i currently spend $650 (+ HST) per month for my own window-equipped,
private office with enough room for a massive desk that holds two
laptops and four displays, small bookshelf and plastic storage drawers
in the corner, with room left over.

  at the moment, there are available offices for anywhere from one to
four people, and the owner (maher arar) takes spectacularly good care
of everything; i have never had cause to complain.

  so check it out, and financially support a local business that gives
techie (and other) people a superb place to work away from home.


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