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Re: ipset-blacklist: A bash script to ban large numbers of IP addresses published in blacklists

On Wed, 10 Jun 2020, Ian! D. Allen wrote:

Something I didn't see:

Things in the script suggest the programmer hasn't had a lot of experience
writing scripts, e.g. using:

Also the script doesn't check the error codes of commands, has unnecessary
use of "command" in "command grep" everywhere, and doesn't use "sed -n"
or other things efficiently, among other things.  But it's a good start.

You're an expert in scripts!

As this is open source github project, might you put some of these thoughts into code and contribute a patch or two? Or fork the project if PRs aren't accepted?

Or maybe do a monthly linux-ottawa talk and share some of your ideas and experience on shell scripting!

I've seen some of your excellent scripts before. Do you have a repository anywhere where we could learn from them ? I'd be there!

Thanks for your insights.



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