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May 2020 AGM & meeting - The Open Source Edition. 2020-05-08 @ 19:00

When: Thursday, May 7, 2020
Time: 19:00
Where: irc://irc.oftc.net/oclug

The AGM v2.

Given the commentary on the list and lack of turnout for the AGM in April, we are going with IRC for May.

To at least pay lip service to the AGM requirements, we need 25 people who are online to direct message our secretary with their email address either before or during during the AGM.

If that doesn’t work, we will try something else in June.

So rather than spend time writing things out at the AGM, we have the same people willing to be in the board. If  someone else wants to be on the board, feel free to self-nominate prior to the AGM, or at the beginning of the AGM. There will be an opportunity to do so.

A single item for voting on at the AGM:

1) Reduce the size of the quorum for an election. Given how much begging we have had to do in the past to get the 25 names, I want to reduce it to 10. If we can’t get 10 people to attend the next AGM in person, then we have little reason to continue as a registered non-profit corp. That is a potential discussion item for the future. We consistently get 10+ people at physical meetings but not always 15. That makes 10 a reasonable number to manage.

After the AGM, we will have a “normal” meeting. Given the uncertain state of future meetings, I am thinking that we will end up on an open source platform for meetings for quite some time yet. We are going to use jitsi this month for the talk portion. In order to make it easy for the presenter, the service will be moderated. The info will be given on the IRC channel after the AGM.

How we will manage this herd of cats...

Your output video and audio will be disabled when you join. In order to make sure the experience is a reasonable one for all involved, the presenter will share their screen/window/whatever they are comfortable with and you will see it quite clearly if the test we did are any indicator. Since we do not know how many will be viewing, it will be a little hard to manage questions, so if you have them, feel free to ask them in the chat window. Since the person doing the presentation will not be reading the chat window, the moderator will read the questions out.

This should keep it manageable. After the representation is finished, I’ll stop muting all but the presenter. We can even try enabling video to see how good/bad it is. There will only be the one talk this month, as we don’t know how well it will go.

This format is subject to evolution, as I expect that video conference software will undergo some rapid improvement over the next few months given the demand currently out there. Not that I’m recommending them, but I saw a note that Zoom is currently processing just shy of 280PiB of data/month. I have no idea what services like Netflix and Disney+ are processing, but the demands have gone up considerably.

In June, we may give big blue button a try. That take a little more effort to install than jitsi, so I went with the easier of the two for the first attempt.

Assuming the video meeting goes well, we will return to our normal schedule of the first Thursday of the month @ 19:00, conference to be open earlier than that for Q&A, ending by 21:30. Some of us may have to be up early.


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