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Re: Linux Webcam Recommendations

On 2020-04-30 11:14, Alan McKay wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I am looking for a webcam to use with Zoom conferencing.   Running
> Ubuntu 18.04 LTS if that matters.   Any recommendations?   Ideally
> something that will also work on a Mac.

I realize this wasn't part of your question/assumption, but I'd start
with don't use Zoom, since it is such a security disaster and there are
lots of other better options out there starting with Jitsi.

As for hardware, modern laptops are the easiest with built-ins.  A
modern dSLR/pointNshoot/videocam can be used via USB and gphoto2:

I tried this on another distro and have some other issues to resolve
before this will work for me.  Doing a search on:
	gphoto2 webcam
should give you some other ideas.

As for other dedicated webcam hardware, I'd guess that almost anything
else should just work given usb video standards.

> -Alan

	slainte mhath, RGB

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