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April 202 meeting & AGM - sort of...

Just to let you know officially, the physical meeting is not happening this month.

I’ve been a bit busy over the past few days so I didn’t really get a chance to get this email out sooner. I’ll claim general tiredness as the culprit.

So.. our AGM.

We have been having our board meetings over Slack for the past while and while I am ambivalent about it, it does have a nice interface and we are using the free tier, so it is not costing us. We could have the AGM via slack tomorrow evening at 19:00. This will not be the normal forum for future meetings, just a temporary measure.

There won’t be too much to say other than we have as many people willing to remain on the board as we had last year and if anyone wants to self-nominate, feel free to do so.

If we meet up electronically tomorrow, as in I expect the board will be online and if we get sufficient people, we will have the election. Assuming we go forward with it, we will need some method of “making it correct” since we can’t meet in person, so the membership requirement is that be registered on the mailing list. If you decide to join up for the meeting, you can private message the secretary wit the name you are using on slack and your email address. We will probably want to propose a bylaw change to handle something like a pandemic and social distancing, as I doubt we will be meeting in person any time soon.

As for future meetings, I am going to see if I can get a server running one of the open source systems like jitsi or big blue button running. Once it is available, I’ll send a message for some testers. I don’t want to overload it immediately, so I need to add people to the point of unsuitability. As long as we can handle 20 people, I’ll be happy. If it handles more, that would be great (maybe 50?). I’m trying to keep the costs down, but I may need to use an external service if I can’t host it reliably myself. In that case, it would be run on one of those containers that you spin up and use for a few hours and then destroy. These are early days yet, so we will see where it goes.

On the plus side, we will probably have more people attend meetings (if I have the capacity).

- AGM over slack if enough people connect: https://join.slack.com/t/oclug/shared_invite/zt-deoisagj-gb5h5RU_UdgnVQj~CmDKYA
- We will attempt a video meeting for May and have some trials prior to that. 
- Assuming the video meeting goes well, we will return to our normal schedule of the first Thursday of the month @ 19:00, conference to be open earlier than that for Q&A, ending by 21:30. Some of us may have to be up early.


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