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Re: Re: Wifi issue with TP-Link TL-WN881ND

On April 2, 2020 17:22:32 Alan McKay <alan [ dot ] mckay [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com> wrote:

You mean my Bell Fibe link speed?  I stated that earlier - 1G down and
150Mbit up.
On my Android phone I click on the connected network and "advanced" and it shows the "transmit link speed".
Mine is 400Mbps (definitely AC).


And this driver is terrible.  I'm running a VPN on top of it to get
into work and the thing keeps losing connection.   Though maybe it is
not the driver maybe it is the issue with my Ubiquiti.
There's no way you can wire it?
Wired is so much better especially for vpn.

I'm going to test connected to my Bell Wifi and compare.   But right
now this is unusable.

If it does appear to be the Ubiquiti I'll open a ticket with them.
But I've driven that same VPN on multiple devices over the last couple
of weeks with no issues.  Mac, Dell running Ubuntu.  Right now on this
desktop I have a WRT-54G running dd-wrt using bridge-mode to my main
wifi, and I plug the ethernet jack into the WRT-54G and the VPN has
been completely stable all week.  Only issue is I only get 12Mbit up
and down with that setup.
You're using a 54g as AP?
Is that only 802.11g?
That is slowness right there.

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