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Re: what are people using as opposed to zoom for videoconferencing?

There isn't a whole lot out there for Linux that is Enterprise grade.
I've used both Skype and Webex and at both had relatively big issues
in Linux.  Not sure if they are resolved now that was about 2 years

We use Zoom corporately and have been very happy with it - we've
raised bugs and they get fixed quickly.  They seem serious about
keeping the Linux client current which is huge for us.   We've asked
for a formal statement on these recent findings and unfortunately I
can't share anything that comes back but based on our history with
them I remain optimistic

I do like the looks of that Jitsi / Jitsu on-premise solution though.
When this pandemic started I raised this as a potential issue that
with everyone going to the Zooms and Skypes of the world en-masse,
that their infrastructure may collapse.  So far that hasn't happened
but wait until all the schools in the world are doing virtual
classrooms - which may be starting in a couple of weeks.   I'd like to
have our own in-house solution on the ready just in case.  I may toss
that one at a coop student to play with ...

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