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Re: Ansible and Windows

Ansible can also be used to manage Windows servers. May modules have been written to also cover Windows servers. As well, there are  Windows-specific modules that will perform tasks in a Windows-specific way. Ansible works with "playbooks" where you define some series of actions. Some of the generic actions such as user creation or file management are generic and will be the same for Windows as for Linux, while others like registry-based operations or library registrations in the OS will have Windows-specific modules.   
Have a nice day :-)  
Jean-Francois Messier  

> Hey guys,   
> I am not sure if you are familiar with Ansible, but I would imagine some of you are.  
> I understand this is for Linux, but I would want to have the insights of you.  
> At work, we are starting at looking at locking down Windows servers in a reproducible way. Currently we manage all of Linux base via Ansible and have no issues. We have some basic playbook for Windows to join the domain and setup for using Ansible on them.  
> In Windows, I have not found a way to manage configurations in proper way. Some of the requirements are: version controlled, reproducible, scalable. So for the only options I have found are the native GPO editor ( less favourite option) or manage configuration with Ansible via registry keys.  
> I understand this is a linux user group, but I am looking at treating Windows as Linux if you have not noticed yet.  
> Thank you very much for your help and insights!  
> -Simon



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