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Thunderbird and uOttawa Office 365 email server (SOLVED - sort of)

Thanks to all who made suggestions.

I managed more or less by accident to find a (sort-of) solution.

This is to use Tbird with DAVmail (as I had been using for Exchange Server uOttawa was using
for a couple of years). The recommended DAVmail server was https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx

This is indeed the server, but the recommended exchange protocol was EWS. By accident I selected O365 and
things started working. For O365, the server is automatically (greyed out) the one above.

I had in the meantime found that it was important to check that the Tbird settings of ports for my
uO account were those in the DAVmail settings. Obvious, but NOT the Tbird defaults.

There are still some glitches:

1) I need to ensure that the outgoing SMTP server matches the account for uOttawa and NCF, or else
the send will hang (uOttawa gives an explicit msg that account must match, which I like). gmail doesn't
care, and could be used as default outgoing (I used to do this, but don't like the idea of
my email being data mined except for things that go on lists publicly).

2) When I did my cleanup to save emails (I usually do this monthly to local folders), the localhost timed
out several times. TBird forums / FAQ suggested this was possibly slow server and/or too large a number of emails
in folder or too much indexing. Indeed, Tbird was doing a lot of indexing. Suggestion was, and I chose
to use it, go into Tbird Edit/Preferences/General and unclick "Global Search and Indexer". I'm not sure of
the full consequences of this, but seem to be able to work from different machines (so far 2) and have been
cleaning up the folders.

Cheers, JN

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