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Re: Hardware sources?

On 2018-12-03 12:49, J C Nash wrote:
> Yes, the number of stores is getting fewer, and the remaining vendors are ones
> I don't consider useful ("Worst" Buy -- who I discovered do not honour warranties,
> Walmart, etc.) However, I have dealt with CanadaComputers and have bought 3 laptops
> (all Asus, which have been Debian/Ubuntu/Mint friendly) as well as a tower. The tower,
> however, was 2012 and still going strong. They also set it up "no-OS" so I could
> avoid the WinTax. Unfortunately, Asus appears to ignore Linux these days.

I built up a new desktop from scratch (reusing an old case) about 4 years ago
with parts from Canada Computers and have found them quite helpful.  It is
running Debian (no WinTax) with a video-less CPU (Intel i7-x8xx series) and
dual DVI fanless card that is very quiet driving a couple of 27" IPS monitors
for doing photo and video processing.

> Perhaps other members will contribute some places and some ideas about hardware to
> avoid.
> JN
> On 2018-12-03 11:58 a.m., Barry McLarnon wrote:
> > My Linux desktop system is getting rather long in the tooth and has some stability issues, so I'm looking to replace
> > it.?? It seems that the number of local sources for barebones PCs has dwindled almost to nothing since the last time I
> > bought any hardware, and I'm looking for recommendations.
> > 
> > Also, is there any particular hardware, especially graphics, that I should avoid due to iffy Linux support??? I've used
> > openSUSE for many years and will probably give their Tumbleweed rolling release a whirl, but apparently it can be a real
> > hassle if you don't have well-supported hardware.?? I don't need state of the art, just a stable platform for general
> > desktop use and some light-duty server stuff (web, mail, and some in-house streaming).
> > 
> > Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have on what to get and where to get it...
> > 
> > Barry

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