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[OCLUG-Tech] Details for OCLUG Annual General Meeting - 2017-04-06 (final reminder)

The April meeting starts with our AGM as required by the corporation bylaws.

At present, we have the following candidates for the board:
- Bruce Davis
- Ian Gorman
- Kelly Kendrick
- Scott Murphy
- John Nash

If anyone else is interested in being on the board, feel free to self-
nominate no later than April 5th, 2016. If several people are willing to
come on board, a few of us are willing to withdraw our intent in order to
get some new blood in. Just so everyone is aware, four board members is
sufficient, six would be better in case of circumstances requiring an
existing member to step down.

In addition, according to the bylaws of the non-profit corporation, we
require at least 20 members people to be present, either in person or via
proxy. We will have a sign-up sheet for the election and will require all
present  to sign in order to prove the election was held in compliance with
the  bylaws. If we do not have the requisite number of people/proxies, we
are  required to repeat this at every future meeting until we do meet the
criteria. If you are not going to be there, please register a proxy. To
meet the member criteria, our official member roster is this mailing list.

Proxies can be registered by sending an email to either John Nash (john dot
nash at uottawa dot ca) or Scott Murphy (scott dot murphy at arrow dash eye
dot com) prior to 17:00 on Wednesday, April 5th or that we have a record
prior to the election. The email should be in the form of the example in the
bylaws, replicated below:

The undersigned member of the OTTAWA CANADA LINUX USERS GROUP hereby
appoints _________________________ of _________________________ or
failing in person appointed above, _________________________ of
_________________________ as the proxy of the undersigned to attend and
act at the OCLUG meeting to be held on the day of _________________________,
and at any adjournment thereof in the same manner, to the same extent and
with the same power as if the undersigned were present.

Dated this day of _________________________.

Legal name of Member: _________________________.

Email address of Member: _________________________.

In the above form, the "__________ of __________" should be filled in as
<first name> <last name> of <location>, in my case, it would be
Scott Murphy of Ottawa.

The signup sheet expects legal name, email address and signature. In place
ofa signature on this form, use your legal name and email address and your
proxy will sign on your behalf. We will record the proxies on the signup
sheet in advance.