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[OCLUG-Tech] ipv6 routing/mtu/? issue

I have a problem with my ipv6 connection and have now narrowed it down
to something I can reproduce and analyze - just don't have the skill
needed to figure it out.
I have native adsl ipv6 from teksavvy that goes to a linux firewall.
This serves me ok and I can reach a lot of ipv6 stuff but some fails.
From internal server to http://ipv6.google.com - fine
From firewall to http://meinenigma.com - fine
From internal server to http://meinenigma.com - problem, only get the
first few bytes. Did a tcpdump and it looks to me like the other side
stops sending data and after 3 seconds my side sends [ACK,FIN].

If the other side truly stops sending data why does it work when done
directly on the firewall (=no routing) ?
If MTU - why does it work on firewall?
If it's MTU or a routing issue why does google work ?

I did lower MTU on ppp1 (the ipv6 connection) to 1412 but still same issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to look for ?

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