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[OCLUG-Tech] Dropbox issues?

Yesterday night Ian Gorman showed results of NCF line testing with a
Raspberry Pi test rig. His graphs showed some slowdown getting material
from Dropbox. During the daytime, my wife and I wanted to share some
photos with a family member, but neither of us could access our Dropbox
accounts, and I found a set of postings that there was an issue, at
least with Linux Mint. See e.g.,

Given that Dropbox is widely used, I'm wondering if anyone on the list
has some understanding of the status of Dropbox for Linux and/or
particular distros. While Ian's figures were a hint of something, when I
mentioned my experience, it appeared to be news to the group. So if
someone does have knowledge about this, I expect it would be of some
interest to the list.

For info, we worked around our problem using securelysend.com, which
worked fine, though I would only use it for non-critical and
non-sensitive files.

Cheers, JN


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