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[OCLUG-Tech] SSL not staying after reboot

Good Day all.

I hope I am just missing something small, but two days and not much progress.

I had to update the crt for our https server.

I created a new csr, etc... and after installing everything, neither ssh, nor https worked.

I think it came down to a bad private key (or an expired private key since I cannot remember the exact openssl command I did a year or more ago)

This is a Centos 7 server

So moved everything to a backup folder

In the /etc/pki/tls/certs folder (where all the last certificates were)

openssl genrsa -out myserver.key 2048
restorecon -RvF /et/pki

The restorecon probably was not needed but it will avoid the linux security checks.

Do an SSH to my server, can able to login


Do an SSH to my server no connection.

So best I can figure the .key file is not staying after a reboot.  Until I fix that I don't think I can redo the certificates for my https service.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


T. James