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[OCLUG-Tech] 4.5 kernel changes

Does anybody also keep track of the Linux kernel repo too?

Some nice things this time too:

    commit 5cfe6d8adb57bd390bedc604be84cf8ff6808e1c
    Merge: fec65bd c1e64e2
    Author: David S. Miller <davem [ at ] davemloft [ dot ] net>
    Date:   Tue Dec 15 23:26:52 2015 -0500

        Merge branch 'sock-diag-destroy'

        Lorenzo Colitti says:

        Support administratively closing application sockets

        This patchset adds the ability to administratively close a socket
        without any action from the process owning the socket or the
        socket protocol.


So you know when mutt is in that uninterruptible state because your
Wi-Fi chip is a piece of junk and just ****ed out? Now you can fix it!
I'll let you look at the rest of the commit online.  More interesting

UML's still alive too apparently.


Alex Pilon