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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Raspberry Pi Boot Camp

Awesome.  Glad to hear from you, Michael.  Yes, I'm sure Christian has something he can demo too.

The dates, times and rooms have now been officially booked thanks to Richard Hagemeyer...

Saturday, May 23, 2015
0800h to 1700h Eastern (Romeo)
Algonquin College, Woodroffe Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
Building T
Rooms T110, T114, T115 and T119
Free parking in Lots 8 & 9
Public transit Baseline OCTranspo Transitway Station

This event could really do with a non-sucky name though.  Open Source Weekend 2 ;)

I am working to produce an official form letter and web page to present to the radio clubs for dissemination in their respective web, paper and email newletters and to try to cut down on the email chatter on the bulk mailing list.  I expect to have it ready to show off next week (and share the link back here) and start making in-person and on-air amateur radio announcements soon.  I might cheat and park a quick-and-dirty sphinx page on my github for easy cloning and sharing so I'm off the critical path.  apt-get install docutils-common #ftw.

I plan to also extend the invitation to some ham clubs in Brockville and Perth as well and maybe get some paper signs up at UQHull too.  I would also love it if you OCLUG folks can also suggest some other LUGs to try to rope in too.  Better yet, wait until I post the link and then you can tell whoever you wish to tell and maybe help by posting some paper signs at OPL.

sleep 5000000

On March 9, 2015 10:08:41 PM EDT, Michael Richardson <mcr [ at ] sandelman [ dot ] ca> wrote:
>Interesting idea.  Would one be installfest be to install the Pi,
>or to install a devel environment on a PC to target the Pi?

I envision 4 mini events:  one room to showcase some Linux apps and personal projects on a big screen, one room as a Linux PC + Raspberry Pi walk-in clinic and installfest room, one room for folks to get together and yak about stuff in and one room for TBD.  I got a human from Buyapi.ca to reply but I am still waiting for reply round 2 to see if they actually want to set up a table of goodies there.

My primary goal was to assist hams who are just starting to learn 'ls' get started actually playing with their Raspberry Pi units.  I know some of them have opted to purchase raspbian on microSD cards rather than write their own from a .img.  I am just about to embark on making my own debloated raspbian images for Broadband Hamnet use (git clone https://github.com/urlgrey/hm-pi). I say, the more, the merrier... Yes, there will absolutely be people there who would gladly use the Pi headless over ssh just to practice basic Linux command-line goo and attempt major breakage.  If they don't know they want this feature yet, your demo will show them why they want it.  I haven't tried snappy on a Pi yet.  Can you actually run docker/lxd/lxc/cgroups on one?

I expect to see more than one ham there with an Ubuntu laptop that has borked 'apt-get -f' issues and/or bootable Ubuntu LiveUSB things that won't boot so it won't be just Raspberry Pis there.  Thankfully, with many of those hams using bootable usb keys, you can set most of their immediate woes right by doing a 'apt-get install gnuradio gqrx' on a clean Ubuntu 14.04+ and doing a 'blacklist dvb-something-something' and maybe a 'git clone https://github.com/argilo/sdr-examples' as icing on the cake (or just copy my .img).  Yes, there will likely be a demo of decoding pager and smart meter traffic on rtl-sdr dongles and maybe over-the-air TV on a HackRF.  I can't bring in my ceiling fan in though (http://www.irrational.net/2014/03/22/reverse-engineering-a-ceiling-fan/)

If folks wanted to bring in some cool Linux toys to show off and demo to a bunch of people who are killer smart but perhaps used to seeing minimal UIs like those found on amateur radios,  WindowsXP and 90s-style Visual Basic nagware (flashy Celestia fly-bys, someone who can actually draw something useful in Blender, suitcase Raspberry Pi clusters, nifty GIMP or Inkscape plugins, Rapsberry Pis attached to an Easy Button and a "Shroedinger's developer test automation isolation chamber", what folks can do with Virtualbox, how to fu^wAndroid up a Raspberry Pi, etc., etc.), that is also highly-recommended as well.  I would budget 15 or 30 minutes per demo and have a lot of small show-and-tell sessions.  I might bring in my Rapsberry Pi networked USB printer and RetroPi gaming console along with my pocket-sized mesh network node.  OpenELEC and RaspBMC media systems dual-booted with Berryboot if I have time.

I have several giant rolls of address labels that might be useful for name tags.

I want to get lots of pictures at this event too.  This one is likely to be featured as an article in the national TCA publication put out by RAC (http://rac.ca).  Some smart person neglected to make PDF samples of this magazine available on da public interweebz so I can't share a link to one.

>Christian has many hundred Raspberry Pi deployed.
>    > I have already made arrangements with my friend and contact at
>> Algonquin College (Richard Hagemeyer VE3UNW) to warn that I plan to
>> booking some space there (probably Room T119 and the hallway in front
>   > of it) for some weekend in the latter half of May.  I will soon be
>   > contacting several local amateur radio clubs, namely: OARC, WCARC,
>    > OVMRC, EMRG, MARG (http://oarc.net, http://wcarc.on.ca,
>  > http://ovmrc.on.ca, http://emrg.ca, http://ve3rix.com) to check for
> > interest there also.  I already know there will be a bit of interest
>   > but I will try to get a better feeling for some actual numbers and
>    > maybe mention May as the tentative date.
>> I have also already made some preliminary suggestions to BuyaPi as
>  > (http://buyapi.ca, located across the street from Algonquin College
>   > Woodroffe) to perhaps try to secure having a ready supply of spare
>> parts there on-hand at the event for Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard, Beagle
>> Bone units.  This will not be a commercial event and the
>> of Buyapi is intended only as a convenience to us and to others and
>    > plan is to charge participants $0 for the actual event (option to
>> include food at the venue maybe for a small fee).  I would expect
> > OCLUG and the radio clubs would have pamphlets available for pick-up
>    > there too so it might act as a bit of a membership drive also.
>   > However, having a successful "Raspberry Pi Boot Camp" really would
>> benefit from having a lot of Linux-savvy people there to help and
> > being able to call upon the support of OCLUG to help spread the word
>> and ensure that it isn't just me there all by myself.  Hopefully,
> > of these email addresses still go somewhere other than /dev/null and
> > reach people who might be interested in helping out.  I would really
>> appreciate any help you might offer to try to make this Installfest a
>    > success.
>I'm happy to be available, if I'm available...
>  > (FYI: Apparently, Algonquin students are already using Raspberry Pi
>    > units as "hey, wow, it still works" development environments for
>    > programming.)
>    > I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
>    > Thanks and 73,
>> Tyler Tidman VA3DGN, RAC CEC OCLUG Board of Directors 2007-2009,
>    > Member 1997-2011 OARC Vice-President 2012-present