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[OCLUG-Tech] Leaving meetup.com

The following is the message I sent to the OCLUG meetup group, excepting the line stating that I’d be posting it here as well. This is mostly so that people on this list are aware that the meetup group for OCLUG is being dropped in favour of 1980’s technology as Alex so succinctly put it at the meeting.

At the last meeting, I mentioned that we would be leaving meetup.com this month as the semi-annual bill is due on the 26th and we will not be renewing.

Borrowing a little from an email previously sent to our L3G0 SIG, it is time to leave meetup.com.

Meetup.com is mistaken in thinking we are a large group with lot of disposable cash and as a result it is time to drop them and continue exclusively with the OCLUG mailing list and website. At first, we were one of 3 sub-groups under OCLUG, but meetup split the groups into independent groups and after that, they hiked the fees. The pricing model is exclusively determined by the number of people signed up for the group, so our little non-profit does not have the money to fund a meetup group and pay for a location with an annual fee lower than the annual fee for the meetup group.

The use of meetup.com for the past 18 months or so has not resulted in a noticeable bump in attendance at meetings and I don't think it is justified any longer. You are getting this message now because the group will expire on February 26, 2015

If you have not already joined the mailing list, you can find it at http://www.oclug.on.ca/mailman/listinfo/linux and feel free to visit the website at http://www.oclug.on.ca

Reminder: Our April meeting will be the AGM where we elect officers for the board. If anyone wants to run for a board position, you can self-nominate by sending a message to the board before the AGM. There are five board positions and we determine who will be performing which role at the first board meeting after the election. More details will follow in the announcement of the next meeting topic.