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[OCLUG-Tech] kanata company looking for linux/video apps programmer

  • Subject: [OCLUG-Tech] kanata company looking for linux/video apps programmer
  • From: "Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday [ at ] crashcourse [ dot ] ca>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 14:22:59 -0400 (EDT)
 hi, folks. a company i did some contract work for once upon a time
is looking for an application programmer to do some video programming,
allegedly 6-month contract. here's the job description i got:

* Excellent C/C++ and java Object Oriented programming experience
  under Linux environment, using Qt and STD C++ libraries, and under
  Windows environment, using C++, MFC in Visual Studio.
* Hands on experience with Object Oriented UML modeling methodology to design the software
* Familiar with script programming under Linux system, such as BASH
  and PYTHON.
* Well versed in network protocol such as, HTTP, SSL, RTP, IGMP,
* Solid understanding of software development processes, such as
  waterfall and agile.
* Experience with GIT, CVS and SVN configuration management software.
* Proficient usage of the SQL Relational Database Management System ?
  SQLite, MySQL and Informix.
* Familiar with encoding standards/formats (VBI, Aspect Ratio(AR),
  audio formats (AAC, Dolby), MPEG)

  if you want to know more, email Orlando Arnone at
orlando [ dot ] arnone [ at ] flextronics [ dot ] com.



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