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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] a question for you website developers out there

I am a senior developer, and Drupal CMS website designer. Any CMS, since it is web-based, is visible through a browser, and the browser window can be left open as any size, if required. So, I am not sure what your friend means by his question.

Feel free to have him contact me, if he wishes.

On 2013-12-17 14:18, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  had a question from someone who has a website he inherited from
a developer that has since moved on and wanted some simple advice
on how to tweak and upgrade it, and here is one of his requests:

"I just wish there was a CMS, such as a window that stayed floating
in a consistent place wherever the screenview shifts."

  as "CMS" stands for Content Management System, i'm not sure
what the above means -- some sort of permanent subwindow that
was visible regardless of where you were in the site? can
anyone clarify that? provide an example or two of a site out
there that has exactly something like that? thanks.


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