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[OCLUG-Tech] Looking for help with ongoing project


We are looking for a few energetic people to help us with an ongoing project.

About You

You're a self starter that has Linux experience. Ideally you are a new
graduate and are looking to get your feet wet.  You have programming
knowledge and know how to use Python. You understand the need to
automate everything and have heard of puppet.

In your spare time you contribute to an FOSS project which is hosted
on github.com and know how to use git.

Bonus points if you know what Asterisk is with out goggling.

What To Do

Please reply to this email with your information, keep your resumes
short and sweet.  Bonus points if it is a .txt file (we don't have
Microsoft Word). If you have a profile on github, please include that.
As well as any project you participate in.

Ideally you're within the Ottawa area but if you know people outside
the region, feel free to send them along.

Lastly, if you have any additional questions feel free to contact me off list.

Paul Belanger | PolyBeacon, Inc.
Jabber: paul [ dot ] belanger [ at ] polybeacon [ dot ] com | IRC: pabelanger (Freenode)
Github: https://github.com/pabelanger | Twitter: https://twitter.com/pabelanger

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