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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Looking for equipment

Hi Jeff,

I actually have the following spare gear:
1 Dell 2950 - dual core
3 Dell 1950 - quad core or 2xquad core
3 Dell 1450 - dual and quad core
3 Dell 860 - I don't remember their configs. Most likely a quad core in at
least 1 of them
1  Dell R210 - quad core

Most have 750Gb or 1Tb disks or ~140Gb SAS disks. The biggest limitation is
the ram for most of them. It's mostly DDR2 ECC(read: expensive). I'm happy
to part with some of them at no cost. However, keep in mind that the DDR2
ECC is expensive  AND these things have a major power draw. The R210 is
about the only power efficient one in the stack.

I also have an OLD Catalyst 3500XL kicking around with no cables.

Let me know if any of that is of interest. However, I would discourage
taking any old server. It would be cheaper in the near-future to just build
a mid-range desktop(due to electrical costs). Drop in a decent i5(CPU is
rarely the bottle-neck in home virtualization labs), 32Gb ram and you're
flying. I've build similar labs for ~$400.

Barring that, consider just leasing a dedicated box. OVH has some
interesting offerings. I'm a big fan of their MG line-up. Specifically the
MG 4 or 5 and the mHG 2 for the intense stuff. You can probably get by with
a SP or EG server though for your needs. Great for Xen, no power bills,
static IP and no hardware to maintain - if that isn't your focus.

Best of luck!


On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 11:24 AM, Jeff Moncrieff <jeffrey [ dot ] moncrieff [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] ca
> wrote:

> Does anyone have any old equipment ie desktop or servers there are trying
> to get rid of. I have a couple of projects that I Want to build for my self
> ie Linux or BSD based router then I want to build a xen server for testing
> asterisk and web/mail server.  My parents down sizes when I left for
> Vancouver so most of my equipment went to the recyclers. I still have a
> server siting in storage on the coast and some switches here with me
> kind regards Jeff
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