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[OCLUG-Tech] Accounting help needed

Hi - we have a couple customers (of our open source cloud solution) that
are looking for help with their use of http://SQL-Ledger.com, one of the
oldest, most boring, and best FOSS accounting apps, with a principle
developer living in Alberta. 

They are looking for someone who can help them start with the built-in
chart of accounts, setup their company, and establish the processes and
reports they need.  Additional consulting beyond that is possible.

Folks that are good at accounting and open to open source are not
common, so appreciate any feelers you can put out in accounting type
communities.  They don't need to be running Ubuntu, just willing to work
with SQL-Ledger and help companies under 10 people.

We can provide a cloud accessible version of SQL-Ledger to play with for
anyone interested.

Thanks much,

Bill Stewart
wstewart [ at ] cirruscomputing [ dot ] com