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[OCLUG-Tech] looking for course content providers

  i'm still digging out from under a number of current projects, but
i'm looking for content experts looking to make a few dollars writing
up short, intense courses on specific topics.

  several years ago, the whole reason i registered the domain
"crashcourse.ca" was because i wanted to try a different approach to
high-tech (mostly linux and linux-related) training.  rather than the
standard business model of 3-4-5 day courses, i wanted to offer much
shorter (ideally 1-day) courses that covered a single topic.

  there is, of course, still a market for full-week courses on
wide-ranging topics like, say, "linux system administration."  but
more and more people were telling me that they couldn't justify
spending a full week away from work when they really only wanted, for
instance, a couple chapters of content out of the entire course.
hence, the idea for "crashcourse."

  i'd like to put together a number of, as i said, single-day courses
that cover one topic in excruciating detail.  no fluff, no long-winded
introductions, no time spent on pre-requisites.  each course would
have a *very* clear list of intellectual pre-requisites and, given
that it should all happen in one day, things would happen right from
the get-go.

  depending on the classroom requirements for a topic, the development
hosts would be set up, students might need to take a few minutes
learning how to install the required packages, and away we go.

  the list for possible topics is endless -- a couple that i've been
thinking about are KVM and virtualbox, and i'll consider others as i
see the demand growing, or if i just think they have potential.

  given how much work all this involves, i'm looking for folks who are
accomplished in those areas to create the outline for a 1-day course
in that topic.  there's no need to produce a finished, typeset product
-- all i need is the rough draft of what the course would cover, along
with the topics and accompanying exercises, and i'm responsible for
putting it in final, polished form.  in exchange, you get paid for the
work you do.

  i'm sure there's piles i'm forgetting, and i'm going to start a wiki
page for potential topics, but if you have this kind of expertise in a
given area and think you can design, "A 1-day, super-duper,
awesomely intense crash course in X", drop me a line.



Robert P. J. Day                                 Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Twitter:                                       http://twitter.com/rpjday
LinkedIn:                               http://ca.linkedin.com/in/rpjday