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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Spam filtering and Web badge

Hmm, ok, but if the only official ways to contact OCLUG involve
your mail appearing on a publicly-accessible mailing list archive, OCLUG
should make that clear at the outset.



Linux mailing list
Linux [ at ] lists [ dot ] oclug [ dot ] on [ dot ] ca

Wake Up!

Come on people, at least ONE of the current Board members must actually read this damned mailing list. One of the local Linux community's solid success stories (Roaring Penguin), and all round nice guy (Dave Skoll) is asking very politely for an ALREADY agreed upon quid pro quo to have OCLUG display that we use his products to protect ourselves from spam. I don't see this as a subject for further debate - I see it as an action item for the web maintainers.

Shame on the current Board members for not sending a note to the web maintainers to fix this oversight. I realise people are busy, but we're only talking about a graphic and an embedded link to help promote a local business. If this task is too onerous, I'll send whoever needed an OpenSSH public key so I can fix it myself.

As someone who still believes in local Linux community and just being a decent human being, I'd like to thank David and his folks for everything they have done for the people here. It is appreciated - the same way it was when I brought David in to his first Mime-Defang client (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada) to help solve a spam problem there.

Bill Strosberg (former Board member)