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[OCLUG-Tech] Flexible employment opportunity


I need some high quality generalist help with a project that has grown out of my ability to handle alone. The story is pretty long, but I'll give a summary here.

I am involved with a company that works in the financial services industry. This company has grown from zero employees to over 200 in four years - and it is quite unique from an IT perspective. This level of growth will be maintained or increase for the foreseeable future - there are already new clients asking for new systems in the queue.

The company's IT has been architected (by me) around open source software and "virtualization" of infrastructure in the sense that all employees are remote and communicate across the Internet. Many different open source tools are in play - multiple LAMP servers, OpenVPN, Samba servers, Rsync, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) data collection and providing email (Postfix), individualized private corporate reporting (PHP/AJAX) intranet portals etc. All the services usually present in a "bricks and mortar" corporation are maintained across the Internet. Employees are present from coast to coast, and they connect from wherever they are located via the Internet. Corporate offices are in Ontario.

Given this is in the financial services sector, security and reliability are paramount - our IT services can and do get regularly audited for security compliance by national and international banking clients. Same goes for staff - criminal checks, background checks and reliability evaluation are mandatory. If you have a criminal record, past convictions, or relevant history that professional investigators will find - don't bother applying.

This opportunity is as flexible and unique as the company behind it - successful team members will be able to work independently from their home office, with minimal structure - what matters is productivity, imagination and quality, not politics and game playing. Remuneration will be based on hours logged, and the hourly rate will depend on depth of knowledge, breadth of skill set and quality of contribution. Mature people capable of productively working with minimal supervision are wanted. If you need a high degree of social interaction, endless meetings and direct daily one-on-one supervision this is the wrong opportunity for you.

*Tasks:* PHP programming, remote system administration, application design, ongoing custom software maintenance and implementation. *OSS Software in play: * Debian GNU Linux (production servers), Ubuntu (workstations), PHP, MySQL, Apache, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Samba, GPG-PGP, Openoffice, Firefox, Thunderbird etc.
*Proprietary Software: *Pervasive SQL on Linux, Sage AccPac on Windows
*Corporate software:* All custom software internally developed. Includes data collection, reporting, payroll, invoicing, client reporting, human resources information systems, staff scheduling etc. All coded in PHP, client & browser independent design. *Support services:* Support corporate management that use Macs as workstations as well as minimal Windows workstations as well. Some interactions with Blackberrys, hand helds and tablet based computing. *Future development directions: * Tablet based data collection, iPhone & iPod touch apps, Droid apps, secure remote data transfer, touchscreen kiosk development and secure electronic data interchange.

Once a candidate has proven a fit with the people and company, there is a benefits plan and growth potential. This opportunity is for people interested in long term full time employment, as security concerns and client obligations prevent contract or term positions.

If this sounds interesting, please contact me off list with a note (not a novel) outlining your background & work experience. I'll get in touch and arrange a time to meet and discuss things further. Security backgrounds (CISSP, SANS certification) are valued. Every response will be acknowledged by email and interesting people will be recontacted once their email has been reviewed. Please respond to lists [ at ] strosberg [ dot ] com. Responses and questions to this list will be ignored, as I don't want to abuse OCLUG any more than this post.

Bill Strosberg