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[OCLUG-Tech] Agenda for Oct 5

Dear OCLUG members:

I've received a lot of conflicting advice on an agenda for tonight's meeting.

There are 3 big items, and probably time for only 1.5, so I am going to take the Chairman's prerogative and set an agenda that I hope is a reasonable -- but inevitably unsatisfying -- compromise.

1) Our speaker apparently has a good presentaion -- we should give him as much time as needed.

2) IPv6 event planning has some time-critical decisions needed. The IPv6 planning group should stay in the meeting room and get at least the main decisions made before drifting to beer sig.

3) Tux renewal debate seems to be derailed by agitators from Microsoft. I am going to drop this from tonight's meeting agenda, since we will not have time and several people are involved in both this and the IPv6 effort. However, I will circulate a 1 page summary of the situation to inform members of the issues and a sign-up sheet for new volunteers. When I participated in 2007, there were at least 5 more of us on the list who are no longer active in sysadmin.

And I hope the mailing lists are working today. If they are, some of you will get this multiple times.

John Nash