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[OCLUG-Tech] OCLUG April meeting

I'm reposting this to the correct mailing list - roland 

I've just updated the meeting information on the OCLUG web page.

Michael Richardson's talk on Net Neutrality has been moved to the May meeting.

The April meeting is the OCLUG Annual General Meeting consisting of
reports from board members and electing a new board of directors.
(BTW: Two board positions are still vacant.)

This doesn't take the entire meeting but the amount of remaining time
isn't known in advance.

Jean-Francois Messier will still give a demonstration on
How to make a bootable Linux USB key.

Informal discussions after the last meeting indicated that people
would be interested in covering other aspects of USB Linux.

I'm interested in feedback and potential speakers for the following:

Discussion: Diskless Linux
Speaker: tbd

The original netbooks didn't contain a hard disk and ran Linux from
solid state memory ("flash drive") such as found in USB memory keys.

Flash memory allows data to be quickly accessed due to the absence of
seek or latency delays associated with a rotating disk, but writes are

Applications such as web browsers that frequently cache disk
information can perform poorly and software that thinks it's updating
blocks on a disk drive can "wear out" some memory locations.

This discussion will cover some of the topics such as:
 * disabling swap partitions
 * load levelling file systems to avoid flash memory wear out
 * Small Linux distros designed for fast operation and a small memory footprint