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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] upgrading browser

Marlene Harris wrote:
> Hello to everyone
> I currently run Mandriva 2008, with Firefox, which is quite
> outdated now. I want to upgrade the browser to the most recent, version 3.6,
> but I do not want to upgrade Mandriva at this time.  If I install the new
> browser, will I retain all my current settings? We were going to do the
> install from the Firefox home page, but reading the Firefox instructions, it
> seemed  as if it would be an entire reinstall that would not retain the
> current settings. It also mentions dependencies which we won't know until we
> try to install; at that point we probably will not be able to get back
> online to obtain them.
> Has anyone got any experience in this matter?

When I upgraded from 3.1 to 3.5, it asked if I wanted it to convert my
old settings but YMMV.  I'm running Ubuntu and I upgraded through their
package manager.  Have you check your package manager to see if it can
download and install 3.6?  If it does, it should take care of the
dependencies for you.  Of course, you may have to upgrade a lot of them,
and that might break other applications.

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