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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] linux and virtualization on a macbook pro

ed stuckems wrote:

Has anyone here successfully installed linux on a macbook pro and dual
boot with linux and osx?

When I still had access to a Mac I did not see the need to dual boot. OSX is *nix enough that almost everything that compiled on Linux compiled on OSX. I have always found dual booting to be an annoyance. Once the novelty wore off I ended up using one OS and the other became a waste of disk space. For my open source *nix needs I used pkgsrc and NetBSD ports.


Has anyone been able to get a virtualization layer running on a macbook pro?
if so:

lots of people. There are at least three products: Vmware Fusion, Parrallels, and Virtual Box. VirtualBox is GPL software.

- does the virtualization product host osx as well as linux?

Getting OSX to run in a VM involves hacks similar to ones used by the osx86 crowd. It is also dog slow.

If you are fed up with MacOS delete it and install your favourite Linux. That is what I would do. If you are undecided or have that one MacOS app that you must have then use a virtual machine, pkgsrc and the MacOS X11 server (or some combination). You get 90% of the experience with 10% of the hassle (vs dual booting).