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[OCLUG-Tech] raw conversion problem

I'm trying to find the best way to convert my raw pictures to jpeg in
The most obvious answer (for readers of this list) is to use dcraw but I
find the colours to be washed out unless I manually adjust each picture
- not an option for batch mode.
As a test I did use 5 different ways to convert various pictures and put
them up on

     1. the raw .nef picture
     2. m1 dcraw-plain 
     3. m2-dcraw-embedded (-e) 
     4. m3-ifrview - 
     5. m4-ViewNX - the manufacture provided sw 
     6. m5-ufraw - a dcraw rwapper with color profile
        Nkx_D60_5_2697_00_002_468.icm that ViewNX created when
        converting a picture

The sad news for me is that what looks best is ViewNX - Nikons own
windows only tool (might work under wine but that's not the point)
When using ViewNX it does create a .icm file for many of the pictures. I
suspect it is some kind of built in profile that dcraw doesn't read/use.
The only real option I currently have is to use the embedded thumbnail
which is large pixel wise but low quality.

Is there any suggestions on how I can do the raw conversion with open
source tools without loosing so much quality or having to manually
fiddle around with every picture?



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