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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] News: About Computer Books for Less

Hi Bruce,

It is unfortunate that the paper book business is suffering, but I think it is just the sign of the time. There are now ebook readers as well as free online resources that anyone with Internet access can tap into. For me as a developer, if I needed to find a solution to a problem, I simply do a quick search and I have the answer. The only time I see anyone still buying books is if they are still in school. With free online resources easily accessible, I don't think anybody needs to pirate books.


On Jun 30, 2009, at 12:20 PM, Bruce Harding <bruce [ at ] computerbooksforless [ dot ] com > wrote:

I knew the was coming for some time. But I can now announced that we will no
longer be carrying books at Computer Supplyhouse.  They will still be
available via our website as a order only item.

Last I check we where the last store in Canada to carry a full line of
computer books. Once the full impact of the tech crash of 2000ish hit Ottawa, sales of technical books never recovered. Between the availability of online documentation, pirated books and Amazon/Chapters we seen our sales drop by
90%.  2009 saw us only bleed red, so the decision was made.

I find it interesting that the clients we most want to reach, are the very group which first stopped buying books here and never really returned. Do not get me wrong I understand that Amazon/Chapters often offers better pricing on some books, and pirate books are even cheaper. I personally will miss the more technical books... quantum cryptography, signal analysis or some of the
better O'Reilly books.  Hey that's life, and life is about change.

Starting tomorrow and for the next 3 months all none Professional titles will be 30% of MSRPing or to put that another way an additional 15% off, on top of 15% discount. After 90 days all books not sold will be returned to the
publishers.  This sale will be ONLY be at the 210 Bank St. store.

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