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RE: [OCLUG-Tech] symbolic links

> My web programmer wants me to retain a symbolic link to retain 10 digit
> ISBN name to avoid breaking anything in his progamming that is hardcode.
> I googled for this and all that I'm finding is man page kind of thing.  I
> makes me think this is not possilbe?
> Any suggestions.

I'm not certain what your concern is Bruce; that web documents are compatible with soft links? In my experience they are.

Here's a little test that should prove it. Create a text file with a 10 digit name. Create a symbolic link to the test file using a 13 digit name. Use a web browser (I used lynx) to open the 13 char file name and it will render its contents. You could take this test one step further and attempt accessing the symbolically linked file through say Apache

# echo ryry >1234567890
# ln -s 1234567890 1234567890abc
# lynx 1234567890abc



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