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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] removing installation

On Sat, May 24, 2008 at 21:18:26 -0600, Ralph Boland wrote:
> When I upggraded from ubuntu 7.10 to ubuntu 8.04 on my machine at work.
> I ended up with both versions installed.
> I finally figured out how to upgrade properly
Congrats, but perhaps you'd like to share a bit of your new-found
knowledge.  I'm not sure the above would be of much practical use to

> so now I have 2 versions of 8.04.
> Note that I am aware that using gparted to delete the partitions containing
> this 8.04 will not work because it will cause grub to fail with error 22.
> :-(
> If you are stupid enough to make this mistake then you can reinstall 8.04
> and that should clear up the problem. (You get to reinstall grub during the
> installation process.)  Perhaps there are better ways to fix grub.
> My rescue CD didn't seem to help.
There are better ways IMO.  I assume you rtfm and found the man page
pretty limited.  But maybe you didn't notice that it suggests typing
  info grub
and reading the complete manual, which btw includes a brief explanation
of error "22 : No such partition".

See the section "Installation:: Installing GRUB on your drive".  If
that's too much to wade through, Google shows grub HOWTOs, error 22
stuff, etc., etc.

You haven't given much detail, but I'm guessing something like the
following would work assuming (hd0,0) is the partition you want to keep
(and (hd0,1) is the extra "new" one):
  root (hd0,0)
  setup (hd0)

This also assumes your upgrade worked at least to the extent that /boot/
is ok.  You might want to look at /boot/grub/grub.conf .

Anyway you should then be able to reboot, parted, etc.  Please feel free
to report back on what works, or what doesn't work (with some specifics).