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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] controlling an acer x223w

* Michael P. Soulier <msoulier [ at ] digitaltorque [ dot ] ca> [080222 21:11]:
> For some reason, when I try to go above 1280 horizontal resolution on this LCD
> with Xorg, the vertical space goes past my available screen space.
> There is no control on the LCD to scale vertically to manually fix it. 
> Does anyone know if there's a way via X configuration to fix this?

I am guessing that you have your monitor connected via VGA cable and not
via DVI.

I have this monitor, and I found it to work better then the Optiquest I
had a few weeks ago.  In my case, I was using the video-amd (Geode
chipset, not ATI) to drive the display.  Here is what I saw on the

Configure resolution to 1920x1200 in xorg.conf

        Section "Screen"
                Identifier "Screen0"
                Device     "Card0"
                Monitor    "Monitor0"
                SubSection "Display"
                        Viewport   0 0
                        Depth     24
                        Modes "1920x1200"

Screen comes up, but when I run:

        xeyes -geomery 1920x1200

... xeyes went off screen, because the LCD was actually displaying
1600x1200, not 1920x1200 as X thought it was.  I say again: the X server
and the driver think that the display is 1920x1200, and the LCD is doing
some magic to "fix" it because the timings are out of sync.

I think it's very hardware specific/driver; but there may be some X bug.

Can you confirm that you get the same results?  What driver/card are you


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