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[OCLUG-Tech] Need advice from kernel hackers !


I am about to do a fresh install of Fedora 8.  I want to begin exploring
the kernel so if I need new partitions etc. now would be a good time to
set up properly.

I need some advice on how to set up so that I can:
1) download a separate kernel -- binary, source and documentation.
2) have access to it from my home directory -- if possible.
3) trace various trees -- operations from first mention of symbol to
4) make sure anything I might do does not screw up my existing system.

The advice that I have found even on Linux Kernel Newbies seems to be
for hackers who are building drivers etc. as contributions (ie. using
git).  I just want to play and explore -- maybe viewing C and some asm.

As I say, I am just starting so others could probably predict my needs
better than I can.

What kind of set up would you suggest?  Are there programs (front end
gui preferably but not necessarily) that help develop/explore the
complexities of the kernel that you would recommend?

Regards Bill