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[OCLUG-Tech] Technical list purpose


I've brought up this topic before as gently as I can.

I do not subscribe to the general list at all as the far off topic chatter and obnoxious personalities there were too much for me to take. I freely offered to create and host a general purpose off-topic list server to keep all the fruits and nuts in a pleasant and appropriate home - no takers.

I subscribe to this list to both answer and post questions on topics that have to do with Linux and open source software. As a professional working in the field, the value of this forum and the people in it is important to me.

My issue has to do with people using the forum and expertise within to provide remedial-level unpaid education services on unending and tangentially expanding topics. All of us working in the field have acquired our knowledge through experience, extended higher education and substantial effort. I find it somewhat annoying when people short circuit this process to gain superficial knowledge (for no apparent purpose other than idle curiosity) at the expense of the members of this forum.

When I post a question it is because I have an immediate and important issue to resolve. These issues are always attached to real world situations where expert help can make a difference.

I would hate to lose the ability to pose questions to the people here because they became tired of the role of free Coles Notes for the Technically Fascinated.

Please note that the member who is generating the traffic is unquestionably polite, earnest and honest in his efforts to learn. This isn't an ad hominen attack - rather it is an effort to maintain focus and purpose. If the member to whom I am speaking would make the effort to publicly publish and share the knowledge freely given to him with others (in the true spirit of open source) I could easily be convinced to cease my objections. Create a wiki-style site. Help others as people have helped you. Or stop asking.

Bill Strosberg