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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Can't get my video working

Rafael Roquetto wrote:

I purchased a HP Pavillion DV9580us notebook, which comes with an
nvidia geforce 8600m gs video card. The awful truth is: I can't get it
working on my ubuntu (actually kubuntu feisty).
I have tried everything you can imagine: stock drivers, generic
drivers, nvidia-glx, nvidia-glx-new, envy, and whatsoever, but nothing
seems to work.
When I tried envy/nvidia site latest drivers, besides not being up to
get X running, my console/screen gets stripped in three parts. I cant
really describe it, but looks like monitor frequency issues.

Has anyone ever undergone such situation?

Thanks a lot,
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Rafael, I have found that every time, a video driver is problematic with a distro, I fall back to Knoppix and the video will usually come up fine and so then I try the video driver Knoppix used. Probably doesn't work all the time but it has for me so far.


Best Regards,

Rick Cuthill