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[OCLUG-Tech] June Presentation Summary

Below is the summary for my presentation being given on the first Tue
of June (June 6/06).

The presentation will begin by providing a technical review of the
Nokia 770 Internet tablet, its current and potential uses.  Followed
by a discussion of Nokia's smart move to leverage Open Source (Linux
specifically) by releasing an SDK and automating the development
environment setup. Google has recently made an announcement to add
VOIP & instant messaging support to the the N770, a quick summary of
this announcement will be touched on. If time permits a simple live
demo of the N770 will be given as well as some of the cool nifty, wizz
bang features.

Some questions:
1) Is there Internet access in the meeting room?  Wireless?

2) How much time is allocated to each presenter?  (Can I assume 1 hour
like before? )

3)  I don't have a cell phone with blue tooth.  If someone is
interested in volunteering their phone we can try it during the
presentation.  There is a list of supported phones here.
http://maemo.org/maemowiki/BluetoothDUN  but this doesn't mean that
yours wont work.  ;-)