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[OCLUG-Tech] Re: Reading Richard Stevens "UNIX Network Programming"


I have taken Kevin Everets advice and borrowed a copy of "UNIX Network
Programming" by Richard Stevens.  However, the copy I have is the 1990
edition. It does cover the issues that I wanted to learn about in a
manner I like -- moving from descriptions of what is happening to
showing it in C or pseudo C.

Is it worth buying the 1998 edition, if I am only trying to acquire a
first iteration level of understanding?  I plan to move onto Linux
manuals later. 

In the edition I have, Stevens makes constant reference to the Berkely
4.3BSD UNIX system and AT&T's Unix System V.  Which one of these UNIX
systems would most closely resemble the network system used by Linux
kernel 2.6?  Or is Linux some of both?

Regards Bill